Guests are required to observe good taste and comply with the following rules when visiting the Denver Country Club.

Cell Phones

Cell phone, Smart phone and PDA usage is NOT permitted anywhere on Club property except in telephone booths and in the parking lot from within an automobile. Texting, emailing, MP3 players and all other PDA or similar device usage is not permitted either. Complimentary usage of club land lines are provided throughout the clubhouse, as well as the golf course.

Dress Code

Proper athletic attire including shoes is required when playing golf or tennis. Jeans, baggy cargo pants or baggy cargo shorts, and running shorts are not allowed. Hats and caps are not permitted inside the Clubhouse.

The basic standard of dress for social events at the Denver Country Club is business casual. Business casual is defined as attire suitable for a business office setting. It includes dress pants or slacks, casual and dress shirts, golf shirts and turtlenecks. Most suits or sports jackets are acceptable. Dresses or skirts should be of length at which one can sit comfortably in public.

Business casual excludes jeans, spandex, exercise attire, short shorts, sweatpants or shirts with pictures, cartoons, tank tops and t-shirts unless worn under another shirt or jacket. For women, it also excludes very short skirts or dresses, bare midriffs and halter tops.

Dress for certain areas within the clubhouse, particularly certain dining areas, may be designated from time to time as requiring a coat and tie for men and equivalent dress for women. If you have questions, please contact the Club at 303.733.2441 for further information.


Briefcases and Portable Computers

In keeping with the social and athletic purposes of the Club, the display of briefcases, business papers, or portable computers in the Clubhouse is prohibited, except in private dining rooms.


In adherence to Colorado law, smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the Clubhouse and only in certain designated outdoor locations.